Firechief MultiMist Extiguishers

Launching in 2018 (date to be confirmed) the revolutionary new Multimist Extinguisher system is designed to combat Class A, B, F and electrically started fires. Here’s how the system keeps your property and the environment safe:

A specially designed rotor in the Multimist Extinguisher System mixes water and air in a pre-set proportion to generate a fine mist of 40-60 micron molecules. These tiny droplets have a surface area coverage many times higher than water in its natural state. The principle is simple: The smaller the particles of water, the further they spread and the faster they cool.

Water is propelled through a specially modified dip tube to a special nozzle to produce watermist particles. On contact with flames, the mist turns to steam and envelopes the fire. This blanket effect cools the blaze down and brings the oxygen supply to below combustable levels. Without oxygen or heat the fire dies out and because this isn’t water in its natural state, the dangers of electrocution and flooding are eliminated.

This powerful, reliable and efficient MultiMist fire extinguisher can be used on most classes of fire including flammable liquids and electrically started fires. What’s more, since no synthetics or chemicals are used in the process, Multimist Extinguishers cause absolutly no collateral damage. It just stops a fire dead in its tracks.

Damage free fire extinguisher
5 year warranty
High fire fighting effectiveness
Discharge controllable
Durable EPDM rubber hosepipe
CE certification, LPCB approval pending

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